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About us


We started Newmount Films as a story-first and technology-forward company. As storytellers, our goal is to create lasting memories and to provide a memorable experience for our audience, with the highest aesthetic standards.

Our team is made up of talented creatives, tech gurus, authors, and film producers. Despite our varied backgrounds and experiences, our team is united by the strong belief that nothing is more powerful than an authentic human story or a shared experience. We are all down to earth people, bonded by a passion to capture and
document the lives and stories of extraordinary people.

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Director / Exc. Producer

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Narrator / Author

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James W.

Key Grip / Boom Operator

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Cinematographer / Editor

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James B.

Audio Engineer / Composer



Sketch Artist

Our founding principle has always been to respect the story, keeping the authenticity.
This is a value we hold high as a team.

Our strength is finding your strongpoints and highlighting them in the most compelling way possible. We carefully listen to your story and bring it to life on film, with a comprehensive creative plan.


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We think life is too short and exciting to leave good stories untold.