We are a next generation film & authoring
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extraordinary people.

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The Recreation of the English Deerhound

The English Deerhound was an extinct breed, lost to the historical fields and hedges of England. So far back in history its name could only be heard through myth and legend.

David Platts had a vision, a goal. To recreate the English Deerhound, dragging the breed back through the fossil records for it once again to walk the earth.

In this film, you will witness this monumental achievement, spanning over five decades, documenting David's lifetime work and accomplishments, which is now renowned and sought after worldwide.

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Audio Books

Our books are biographical, humorous and great fun to listen to. 
Author Bob Bourne has an atmospheric narrative style, which leads to creative, captivating storytelling which will have you hooked from the very start!

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If you take a rat-catcher, a notorious poacher, a renowned lurcher trainer and a champion bare-knuckle fighter, add them together & the resultant mix generates a collection of stories that will both amuse and amaze.

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Dave Radfords explosive auto-biography,
dynamically written by Bob Bourne.
Coming soon........

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Authentic Storytelling.

We find powerful ways to document the lives and stories of extraordinary people.

Everything we craft and create is fuelled with an authentic purpose.  A purpose to inspire, engage and entertain our viewers with remarkable stories.



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